Latest Work: Rice Terraces of the Philippine Cordilleras

Recently, I flew to the Philippines with the goal of meeting, talking to, and photographing the people who live in and around the UNESCO World Heritage Site known as the Rice Terraces of the Philippines Cordilleras. Departing on a night bus from Manila, I arrived in Banaue town 9 hours later. The next few days did not disappoint as I got the chance to do plenty of hiking, talking, and photography. Click through below to see and read about my time spent in this mountainous region of Northern Luzon.

The Holy Man of Umananda Island

Northeast India: Far from the Worn Path

I headed to Northeast India in April 2017 to get as far from the worn path as possible. Warming up in Assam and Nagaland, I then went to Manipur state to meet the Meitei people and to shoot their Lai Haraoba spring festival celebrations. According to government travel advisories, parts of Manipur are no-go zones. However, I found the Vale of Imphal to be beautiful, safe, and welcoming, as well as the highlight of over two months in India. The Northeast India project will continue.


Documenting Taiwan's Culture

It is a fascinating time to be in Taiwan. The island hasn't been a part of a greater China since 1895. After the Republic of China government lost the civil war to to Mao's communist forces, they retreated to Taiwan. The communist People's Republic of China has never set foot in Taiwan. As much as 80% of Taiwan's population support full independence – a Republic of Taiwan –  but Mainland China has threatened to retake the island militarily the moment this is declared. Join me as I document every aspect of Taiwanese culture over the course of 12 months.